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Are you sick to death of Techie-Talk and mystifying Tutorials talking down to you with four letter words like byte and frag, JPEG, JAVA and other jargonistic gobbledygook?ouldn't you like to know how to make your PC do exactly what you want it to do? To stop it acting like it has a mind of its own, and just let you enjoy yourself for a change? And wouldn't you just love to know how to use those super-duper programs without painfully struggling through complicated help files and 'Techie-Speak' tutorials, before giving up in frustration? How would you like to use the Internet without fear of getting lost and confused? To confidently send email in a flash, and even build your own Family or Business Website? Because you can you know - you really can, it's just that you haven't yet been shown how. At least not in Newbie-Speak! No, it's not a pipe dream. It's not hype. And there's no small print - because that's exactly what you get when you ... "Become a Newbie Club™ Member- It's TOTALLY FREE!" - Click here to get started UK/WW


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