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Robert Shapiro's Legal Document Center provides quality Wills, Living Wills, and Corporations online at lawyer-free prices! LegalZoom is a premier online legal document service providing quality legal documents and document services at a fraction of the cost of an attorney. Consumers and small businesses can benefit from the efficiency provided by LegalZoom, which is why LegalZoom has been recognized and applauded by Yahoo!, USAToday, Popular Science, NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, and the N.Y. Times. Wills, Divorces, Incorporations, Trademarks, LLCs, Prenuptial Agreements, Living Trusts, and other legal documents and filings have never been easier. Take care of common legal matters from your home or office. Created by top attorneys, LegalZoom uses the latest technology to help you prepare reliable legal documents online. Once you complete a simple questionnaire, your documents will be prepared within 48 hours. LegalZoom will even review your documents before sending them them back to you, and file them with government agencies at no additional cost if required. Basic fees range from $29.00 (for a simple Living Will) to just under $500 (for an express corporation filing).

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Have a legal problem? Come to LegalMatch and locate pre-screened, qualified attorneys in your area.


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