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Find out how simple it is to make life a little easier with "Quick-and-Clever Problem-Solvers" pet products from Improvements! The 1,000+ problem-solvers on the Improvements site will have you saying, "I've been looking for something like this!"

    Pet Products
  • Litter Welcome Mat™
  • Cat Flap Door
  • Stoneware Feeder
  • Catty Corner™
  • Cat Water Fountain
  • Canine Cooler®
  • PetStep™ Ramp
  • Barker Breaker
  • Pet Barrier
  • Dog/Cat Repeller Kit
  • Automatic Pet Dish Feeder
  • Fool-A-Bug® Pet Dish
  • Ionic Pet Brush
  • Pet Cage Fan
  • Pet-Food Travel Kit
  • 3-Stage Pet Feeder
  • Autopetfeeder™
  • Roosting Pockets (2)
  • Pet Houses
  • Pet Hair Magnet
  • Samsonite® Pet Stroller
  • Automatic Pet Feeder
  • Bag-n-Store™ for Pet Food
  • Pet Stuff Tower
  • Pet Food Dispenser
  • Pet Bowl Placemat
  • Pet Screen Door
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Walter Drake US/US

Walter Drake has been providing customers with top service and quality merchandise since 1947, backed by a no-nonsense guarantee.

    Pet Needs
  • 12 Qt. Pet Food Storage Bin
  • 21 Qt. Pet Food Storage Bin
  • 45 Qt. Pet Food Storage Bin
  • 5-Foot Shower Hose
  • Personalized Pet Bandanna - Medium
  • Personalized Red Pet Bandanna - Small
  • Pet Car Seat
  • Pet Dishes
  • Pet Food Serving Scoops
  • Pet Memorial
  • Pet Washer
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Solutions US/WW

Since 1986, Solutions has been helping people solve the challenges of everyday life by offering products that make life easier. Here you'll discover practical and ingenious ways to make your household run smoother. You'll find products that will save you valuable time, help organize your home and even make those cleaning chores easier. And at Solutions, you can shop safely and with confidence. Before they offer a product to you, they test and use them in their own homes. That's why all of Solutions' products are backed by an unconditional Lifetime Guarantee.

    Dogs & Cats
  • Pet Trainer
  • NEW Pet Stroller
  • Paws of Endearment
  • Available Only Online!
  • Create a cool, shady spot for your pet...instantly!
  • Dog Wash Wand
  • Pop-Up Pet House
  • Year-round Pet Cushions
  • Doskocil Litter Locker Plus
  • Water Fountain for your Dog
  • Pet Wheel-Away
  • Bumpers and Doggles
  • Raised Coolaroo Dog Beds
  • Kitty Keyboard Cover
  • Indoor Pet Homes
  • Dog Or Cat Doorstop
  • Room With A View Pet House
  • Deluxe PetStep Ramps
  • Dog Donut Beds
  • Dog Dining Stations
  • Twistep
  • Dog Breed Sculpture
  • Kittywalks
  • Pet Seat Protector
  • Lookout Pet Seat
    Wildlife Management
  • Mosquito Dunks
  • Vibrasonic Molechaser
  • Sawyer Insect Repellents
  • Mosquito Deleto Portable System
  • Piñion Pine Firewood Repels Pests
  • Glass Butterfly Feeders
  • Orange Guard
  • Mosquito Coil
  • Citronella Candles and Starburst Candleholders
  • Mosquito Trap
  • Keep your pond healthy!
  • Cone Birdfeeder
  • Fly Catcher
  • Feed and Protect Plants!
  • Squirrel-Be-Gone Birdfeeder
  • Frog Slug Trap
  • Pantry Moth Trap
  • Pest-A-Cator
  • Bug Off Instant Screen
  • Bug Jacket
  • Pond Cleaner
  • Electronic Insect Zapper
  • Moth-Away Sachets
  • Buhach Insect Powder
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